Kevin McCarthy

"I hired Orvel Ray to help develop new material for a keynote and book. Within three weeks I had my first paid keynote booked and fully paid. Within eight weeks, I received $21,000 in prepaid speaking fees.  Business I would not have had without his help!"

Kevin McCarthy, CSP  Keynote Speaker and Author of Blind Spots, ‭(503) 427-9195‬



The Findability Formula book cover

“OrvelRay has been the single biggest influence in my speaking career. He is an amazing coach and mentor and has made an easy six-figure difference in my speaking business. I will be forever grateful.” -- Heather Lutze, Internet Marketing Speaker, author of The Findability Formula, Thumbonomics, and Marketing Espionage. ‭(303) 841-3111‬

Heather Lutze head shot
Heather Lutze, CSP
Turn Your Ideas Into Gold book cover

"In the 3 years I've been working with Orvel Ray, I've written a book, become a top-rated Vistage speaker, and added $1m  to my law practice."  -- Bill Honaker, the IPGuy 248-318-7015‬

Bill Honaker
Bill Honaker
Wordfood book

"Orvel Ray is a coach's coach.  I hired him in 2010 and we collaborated to produce a triple-award-winning book, and reinvent myself as a speaker and travel writer. After a decade of working together, I still rely on his support and advice."  -- Julia Hubbel, Walkabout Saga 303-903-4815

Julia Hubbel
Julia Hubbel

Helping you discover, develop, and deliver your unique message to the world.

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