The Guerrilla Library

The "Guerrilla" series has sold more than 26 million books in 63 languages.  The most successful marketing series in publishing history.

It's a Jungle Out There

Today's hyper- competitive business environment requires unconventional weapons and tactics.  Like the successful Guerrilla Marketing and Guerrilla Marketing Attack, this book takes a contrarian approach, with ideas that are easy and exciting for salespeople at every level.

Learn how to answer objections before they're raised, and get the customer to close the sale for you.

The Best of Guerrilla Marketing

This remix compiles the most unconventional weapons and tactics from the series, spanning 30 years. Start here, and master an arsenal of low-cost and no-cost marketing ideas.

Jay Conrad Levinson, "The Father of Guerrilla Marketing," present fans and new guerrillas with the fbest of Guerrilla Marketing—a combination of the latest secrets, strategies, tactics, and tools from more than 25 top selling Guerrilla Marketing books. Learn how to reshape your approach to branding, advertising, social media, networking and more.

Create a Fair Advantage

In this sequel to the very successful Guerrilla Selling, listeners learn insider secrets such as the ten most common mistakes made in negotiation, one hundred negotiating weapons, and twenty things you can expect to gain in a negotiation. Unconventional tactics help you get the most out of any negotiation.

Guerrilla Retailing cover

Guerrilla Marketing for Retailers

From the sidewalk sunglass vendor to local Mom-n-Pops to seasonal pop-up stores.  How to fight back and win when Wall-Mart moves in.

"Gives entrepreneurial retailers a delicious unfair advantage. It's the advantage of time, energy and imagination: the Guerrilla Retailer's greatest assets...if they know how to use them. Get your copy, keep your to-do list handy, and prepare to thrive.'

Guerrilla Trade Show Selling cover

Close More Sales at Shows

"The Guerrilla Group has done it again! Guerrilla Trade Show Selling is the definitive book on how to sell more, faster and easier at trade shows. It is loaded with practical, proven principles, methods and techniques that anyone can use to double, triple and quadruple their revenues at any trade show they attend."-- Brian Tracy, author, The Psychology of Achievement.

Guerrilla Teleselling cover

Sell When You Can't Be There

The first book to apply Guerrilla sales and marketing tactics to the unique, high-pressure environment of electronic communications. This groundbreaking resource is packed with valuable tips, expert advice, and insider secrets on finding, closing, and increasing sales by phone, e-mail and the Internet.

"This book is absolutely loaded with insights and practical ideas you can use to increase your effectiveness in dealing with anyone in business on the telephone. These ideas should be read, taught, digested, and practiced every single day!" -Brian Tracy, author The Psychology of Achievement.

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