Revolutionize your Speaking Business with Guerrilla Coaching

If you’re preparing a TED talk, keynote speech, or a high-stakes sales presentation, we can help, with content development, structure, and advanced platform skills.

Orvel Ray Wilson, CSP, is a Certified Speaking Professional and a 37-year veteran of the platform.  He has helped hundreds of professional colleagues become more successful.  Now he is taking on a limited number of speakers who want to transform their business through direct one-on-one coaching.

Personalized speaking coaching can help you:

  • Execute your own Guerrilla Marketing Plan
  • Identify your most powerful, and salable topics
  • Pinpoint and target your ideal clients
  • Propose, write, edit and publish your next book
  • Get introduced to literary agents, editors and publishers
  • Develop killer marketing materials that get you booked
  • Polish your platform skills to a spit-shine gloss
  • Raise your fees while increasing bookings
  • Become a respected authority in your field
  • Develop new products to expand your offerings
  • Build a destination web-site that makes money while you sleep
  • Get picked up and promoted by the nation’s leading speakers bureaus
  • Turn free speeches into opportunities for profit
  • Turn a single booking into multiple engagements
  • Earn additional income through writing, consulting and coaching
  • Double your business in a year, or less.

How it works:

Commit to a 90-day all-out assault on your marketing.  Submit all of your current marketing materials for systematic review.  Orvel Ray will make corrections, suggestions and offer comprehensive advice as appropriate.  Each week, you will have a personal 60-minute consultation, one-on-one, in the speakers’ studio, by phone or SKYPE and additional contact by e-mail to get you focused and in action.  Work on whatever aspects of your business you wish.


This program is only open to speakers who are totally dedicated to their success. Call 800-247-9145 or email to schedule an initial complimentary interview and determine if you qualify.  There is no obligation.  Whatever it takes to give you the strategic advantage and all out assault on your marketing to grow your business the smart way.

What other speakers are saying:

“What can I say about Orvel? He has been the single biggest influence in my speaking career. He has coached me on finding my own voice, leveraging products and negotiating deals. Stalking him at the first NSA National Conference was the best move of my career. Orvel is an amazing coach and mentor and has made an easy six figure difference in my speaking business. I will be forever grateful.” — Heather Lutze, Internet Marketing Speaker, author of The Findability Formula and Thumbonomics.

“Orvel Ray is certainly a “Guerrilla Coach” as well as a “Guerrilla Marketer”!!! He helped me an enormous lot with my speaking skills as well as structuring my ideas for a keynote. If you speak and you are looking for a public speaking and marketing specialist, don’t hesitate anymore, call Orvel Ray Wilson!”  —Christine Morlet, Speaker and International Negotiation Specialist

“Why would I hire a Top 5 sales consultant when I’m a physician? He’s a pro! He taught me his secrets on how to excite an audience through speaking and marketing my new book! I highly recommend Orvel Ray to my colleagues.”  —Dr. Lynn Hellerstein, Optometrist, Author of See It, Say It, Do It!

“I have used the services of Orvel Ray for several years now and found that he is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. He is able to help in the areas of professional quality speaking (both content and presentation), running a business and finding clients. I highly recommend Orvel Ray for anyone serious about making professional speaking a career.” — Hugh Curley, Emotional Intelligence Speaker

“Orvel Ray has offered his talent and experience many times mentoring and helping newer speakers within the National Speaker’s Association. His willingness to give back and stay involved is a true testament of his character, He is there to help others and his enthusiasm and professionalism is wonderful to see and experience. I look forward to working with Orvel Ray again and again!” —Gina Schreck, President, National Speaker’s Association, Colorado Chapter

“I can honestly say that I have learned more about becoming a public speaker from your three-hour recording and our in-person meeting than I have from all other sources combined.”  — Chuck Bader, Colorado Springs

“Orvel, I wanted to say a personal Thank You for all your unconditional help and support over the last 3 weeks and even before my move, God often blesses people with Angels and I truly believe you are one of them, not just in the amazing work you do with people and their businesses, including mine, but also in who you are as a being; truly kind, caring, giving and a joy to be around.” — Gita Curniffe, Executive Business Coach and Professional Speaker.