Guerilla Marketing or Gorilla Marketing? What Sort of Guerrilla are You?

A symptom of our Blackberry-addicted times is that people don’t bother to spell. Consequently, they may be searching for your website using terms or variants that you would never guess.

We ran a Google Analytics check on Merriam Webster’s spelling of “guerrilla marketing” (double-R double-L) and found that it gets searched about 4,400 times a month. But “guerilla marketing” (with one R) gets searched 22,200 times a month! That’s a 500% uplift.

Meanwhile, “guerrila marketing” (with just one L) gets hit only 390 times a month. Go figure. Believe it or not, it’s radically outranked by “gorilla” (hit 2,900 times a month) while the term “guerilla” all by itself gets searched 246,000 times a month. There were even 46 searches for “guerila.” The lesson is that potential clients and customers search for us under ALL of these variants.

THIS was an eye-popping discovery! Guerrillas know that you have to TEST EVERYTHING, and put your brand out there the way your CUSTOMERS spell it. Based on this research, we would get 56X better results if we were to actually MISSPELL our flagship brand. Imagine that.

Orvel Ray Wilson, CSP


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