License Your Guerilla Video to Your Client

How do I protect my copyrights if the client publishes my video?

Continuing my discussion with fellow professional speaker Suzannah Baum, she shared some concern about how to approach the client after they have already videotaped her presentation.

As a Guerrilla Selling Speaker, I often have clients video my keynote for internal publication. Guerrillas believe in the power of Investment, so they invest first in their customers and clients. Explain that your copyright attorney had advised you that you need to write a letter specifically granting permission to use the video, because it may otherwise infringe on unforeseen future uses of the material in books, magazines, pay-per-view, etc.

Prepare the letter on your stationary, using the language, “[Your Company] hereby grants limited, non-transferable License and permission for [Client] to publish the [length] minute video, [“Title of Your Training”] recorded on [performance date] at [location], hereinafter referred to as “the video.” [Client] may publish an edited version of the video, subject to approval of the author, on their company website at [] for viewing by employees of [Client] and the general public, for a period of [one year should suffice, but not more than three]. Commercial use and mechanical distribution are specifically excluded.

“[Client] agrees to indemnify [you] from any action which may arise as a consequence of this publication. [You] reciprocally indemnify [Client] and affirm that [your company] posses all rights to the video content, and have the authority to grant such license.

“In consideration of this license, [Client] agrees to surrender to the author all original master video tapes of the video, together with a DV or QuickTime version of the finished product on DVD within 30 days of completion of their edits. All Other Rights Reserved.”

Sign and date two copies, and have them countersign, date and return a copy of the letter. That should do it.

Then point to it from your website, your one-sheet, your bio, your eSpeakers listing, your bureau listings, etc. Here’s the guerilla twist: why go to all the bother of hosting a long demo video on your own servers when they will do it for you?



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