Recommended Room Setup

to Get the Most from Your Program


This setup creates the most advantageous learning environment possible for groups up to about 250. We’ve taken into account the demands of comfort, safety, and optimum presentation of the lecture and multi-media elements of your program. Every facility is unique, and we realize that adjustments to this ideal plan are inevitable.

Please provide a 12′ by 16′ staging area positioned against the wall opposite the entrance doors. Use 12″ risers only if the group guaranteed is more than 100 people.

Position two 8’x18″ draped-and-skirted tables set upstage end-to-end, and in front of the screen, and a 30 or 36″ square table, also draped and skirted, set down-stage-right. This table provides a stable platform for the digital projector, and enough room for the speaker’s laptop computer, sound equipment and props used in the presentation. Please run the extension cord for the projector around the edge of the stage, so that the speaker will not step on it.

Set an 8′ front projection screen (white finish only, please) upstage-right and against the wall. Set a digital video projector on the table, and align with screen, as shown above. Set a barstool as indicated. The speaker will provide his own laptop but will require a wireless lavaliere or handheld microphone, and an audio patch from the laptop to the audio mixer. Please route these cables from the projector table to the screen where they will not be walked on. Please do not tape them down until the speaker has completed setting up his equipment.

Also please provide two front-of-house loudspeakers on stands set downstage left and right, and just in front of the staging area as indicated. Powered loudspeakers, (like the Mackie SR-450, Anchor Explorer Pro, or equivalent) are recommended. If the meeting room has built-in speakers in the ceiling, please provide a patch to them as well.

The meeting room should be set classroom style, with not more than 3 chairs per 6 foot table, or not more than 4 chairs per 8 foot table. Tables should all be separated by aisles as shown above, so that the seats at both ends of each table are aisle seats, and a delegate is never more than one seat away from an aisle. Arrange the tables on either side of the center section in “herringbone” or “chevron” style, in arced rows so that everyone is facing center stage.

Tables for the coffee service should be placed in the rear of the room, near the doors. Place pitchers for drinking water and glasses at each table. If your facility normally provides pens, please set them out, but no notepads, please.

Please ask the staff member responsible for setting up the meeting room to call the speaker on his cell phone at 800-682-8385, or at the hotel, when they begin to set up the room to review any last-minute details. If the speaker has not yet checked into the hotel, please leave a number where he can reach you as soon as possible after he checks in.

If you or anyone on your setup crew has any questions about these instructions, or if you need to modify this plan in any way for any reason, please call us at 1-800-247-9145, so that we can explore workable options.