Custom Training Delivered On-line

h3>Multi-media programs created specifically for your global team


“We have 172,000 resellers scattered all around the world. How can we get business-critical information to them about new products and market trends, let alone advanced sales or negotiation training?”

Flying a team of trainers to 20 different cities is expensive. Flying them to 20 different countries may be impossible.

Ingram Micro, the world’s largest distributor of IT products, found themselves in exactly this predicament, and we provided the solution. Imagine being able to deliver just the training your people need, exactly when they need it, right to their desktop, anytime, anywhere.

Now that dream is a reality.

Custom Internet-based Training

Our state-of-the-art Internet studio produces custom web-based training for a who’s-who of global companies. These content-packed courses combine full-motion video, CD-quality audio, plus PowerPoint, just like a live, stand-up sales meeting, without the excessive costs of travel, lodging, meeting rooms, and time-off-task.

Some of our titles are available on pay-per-view, available to anyone who needs to enhance their skills right now. Others are built from scratch around specific products or pinpoint market opportunities.

We work with manufacturers like IBM, HP, Microsoft, and Cisco to combine their up-to-the-minute product knowledge with our unconventional guerrilla tactics, and make it available to their channel, on-demand, right through their web sites.

You can see a sample of that work by clicking here.

Call now and we’ll walk you through a real-time demonstration. 800-247-9145.

Interactive Webinars

Reach a global constituency of customers, distributors or resellers without busting your budget. Live teleseminars enhanced with interactive PowerPoint reinforces learning. We support WebEx, GoToMeeting, and a number of other virtual meeting platforms.

Audio TeleConferencing

We can conduct a live, interactive guerrilla training via teleleconference at a fraction of the cost of bringing in a trainer. All you need is a conference room and a speakerphone.

Give your people the weapon and tactics they need today with virtual training that delivers immediate results.