Guerrilla Marketing Programs by Orvel Ray Wilson

Since 1989, Guerrilla Marketing author Jay Conrad Levinson and international speaker Orvel Ray Wilson have collaborated on six books and dozens of seminars and workshops all around the world.  From a 45-minute keynote to an 8-week marketing makeover, each program gives you low-cost and no-cost marketing ideas that you can use right now.

“The 10 Commandments of Guerrilla Marketing” – Keynote

Keynote, 45 to 90 minutes.  It’s a jungle out there.  Consistent, Assortment, Patient, Commitment; these are just a few of the principles that set Guerrilla Marketing apart.  Your audience will learn 10 fundamental strategies and dozens of actionable tactics to build a loyal constituency of loyal, repeat customers.  Strategic, Tactical, Practical.   Learn More

“What’s NEW in Guerrilla Marketing” – keynote

Keynote, 45 to 90 minutes.  This entertaining and engaging presentation explores the world’s most creative, most outrageous, most over-the-top examples of Guerrilla Marketing from around the globe.  Learn how brands like Heineken, Frito-Lay, HSBC Bank, Nissan and Apple are using innovative Guerrilla Marketing ideas to grab attention on a shoestring budget.  Entertaining, inspiring, funny.  Learn More

“Guerrilla Marketing with Social Media”

Two-hour breakout to half-day seminar.  Learn how to use LinkedIn, facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and dozens of other social media secret weapons to protect your brand, build customer loyalty and drive traffic to your website.  Practical, Tactical, Hands-on  Learn more

Guerrilla Marketing – Full day Intensive Seminar

More than 150,000 new products are introduced every year, and more than  3 trillion Internet pages makes yours just another needle in the world’s largest haystack. Cutting through the noise requires unconventional weapons and tactics. This dynamic, practical seminar will reveal insider secrets of some of the world’s most successful brands.  Learn More

Guerrilla Marketing – 2-day Executive Workshop

Two full days.  In this comprehensive workshop, participants build a Guerrilla Marketing Arsenal of 100 marketing weapons, complete a 7 Step Guerrilla Marketing Plan, and build a year-long Guerrilla Marketing Calendar.  Learn More

Guerrilla Marketing for the Advanced Professional Speaker

Developed for the National Speakers Association Winter Workshop, this half-day program will arm you with literally hundreds of simple, low-cost or no-cost sales and marketing tips, tactics and tricks that can build your professional speaking business.  Learn More  Also available on CD

Guerrilla Marketing Makeover

8 weeks of Personal Coaching   Orvel Ray has helped thousands of business owners become more successful.  Now he is taking on a limited number of clients who want to transform their business through direct one-on-one coaching.  Over a span of two months, you will learn the core principles of Guerrilla Marketing, and apply them to your specific business.  Learn More










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