Revolutionize Your Business with a comprehensive

Orvel Ray has helped thousands of business owners become more successful.  Now he is taking on a limited number of clients who want to transform their business through direct one-on-one coaching.

Over a span of two months, you will learn the core principles of Guerrilla Marketing, and apply them to your specific business.  We start with a comprehensive review of all of your marketing materials.  Then we’ll dentify your key marketing audiences, and prepare a comprehensive Guerrilla Marketing Arsenal, a written Guerrilla Marketing Plan, and a year-long Guerrilla Marketing Calendar. Make sure to check the king kong agency reviews for further information.

The Guerrilla Marketing Makeover can help you:

Guerrilla Marketing Makeover

Includes your textbook: The BEST of Guerrilla Marketing

  • Draw from an arsenal of 200 Guerrilla Marketing weapons
  • Execute your own Guerrilla Marketing Plan
  • Build a detailed Guerrilla Marketing Calendar
  • Identify your most powerful, and salable messages
  • Pinpoint and target your ideal clients and customers
  • Develop killer marketing copy that drives new business
  • Develop new products to expand your offerings
  • Build a destination web-site that makes money while you sleep
  • Double your business in a year, or less.

How it works:

Commit to a complete makeover of all of your marketing.  Submit all of your current marketing materials for systematic review.  In a personal one-on-one call, Orvel Ray will make corrections, suggestions and offer comprehensive advice to fix what’s broken.

Then, each week for 8 weeks, you will meet personally with Orvel Ray in a 60-minute 1-on-1 call over SKYPE to review your progress and receive additional assignments. Work on whatever aspects of your marketing you wish. Continuous contact by e-mail will get you focused and keep you in action.


This program is only open to entrepreneurs who are totally dedicated to their success.  If you are accepted, the fee is $2,500 for the first two months, and $500 per month for as long as you wish to continue; quit any time.  Whatever it takes to give you the strategic advantage and all-out assault on your marketing to grow your business.
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What other clients are saying:

“What can I say about Orvel? He is an amazing coach and mentor and has made an easy six figure difference in my business. I will be forever grateful.” — Heather Lutze, Internet Marketing Speaker, author of The Findability Formula and Thumbonomics.

“He is an extraordinary Guerilla Marketing Guru who can guide you. We at Khusheim, have had [several] sessions with him and we were very pleased with the way in which he went deep into understanding our business  and industry and spent time researching and giving solutions to strengthen our marketing campaign.”– Mohammad Ramzan, Head of Corporate Sales & Marketing, Khusheim Industrial Equipment, Damam, Saudi Arabia