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Guerrilla Marketing with a global perspective.  For more than 30 years, Orvel Ray has been traveling around the world, teaching clients how to get the edge they need to compete in today’s competitive international marketplace.

He has spoken in 47 countries, on every continent except Antarctica.  His clients include global companies like IBM, United Airlines, Apple, Microsoft, Pan Pacific Hotels, and many more.  He regularly leads public programs for international institutions like UNI Strategic (Singapore), Educacion de Valor Mundial (Mexico) and Quality and American Training (Costa Rica).

In 2013 alone, he conducted international seminars on Guerrilla Marketing in Kuala Lumpur and Mexico City. He keynoted the Association Française des Conférenciers Professionnels in Paris, and the Fero Mundial de Marketing y Ventas in Monterrey.   He conducted custom, in-depth sales training for Pharos Marine, bringing together their international marketing team from Asia, Europe, the US and Latin America.

From a 45-minute keynote to a multi-day executive retreat, Orvel Ray delivers standing-ovation results, and brings the international business world closer together.

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