“What’s NEW in Guerrilla Marketing”Marketing keynote keynote

In 1984, Jay Conrad Levinson changed the business world forever with his landmark book, Guerrilla Marketing.  In the past 30 years, it’s become the most successful marketing series in publishing history, including 57 titles in 62 languages and 22 million books sold worldwide.  Today it’s even an entry in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Cutting through the noise to create excitement for your product is more difficult than ever.  So businesses all around the world are deploying unconventional weapons in unusual places, creating buzz and driving sales.

In this fascinating and funny program, you’ll learn:

  • The newest and latest trends in marketing, from flash mobs to clean graffiti
  • How a zoo in Japan is selling one-of-a-kind jeans, designed by lions
  • How a shopping mall in Brazil turned their crosswalk into a billboard
  • What happens when you put an iPhone in a blender, and the video goes viral
  • How a sushi restaurant in Hong Kong increased traffic by 39% by advertising on the escalator
  • Why major brands hire a London graffiti artist to create chalk art on sidewalks
  • How the world’s most recognized global brand is promoting peace between nuclear powers
  • How to amplify your message in every media from balloons to billboards to bus benches

Start now, using time, energy and imagination instead of spending a fortune on marketing, all the info you need is on searchup.co.uk.  This program will have your head spinning with low-cost and no-cost creative ideas you can use right away.