Custom On-Site Training

On-Site TrainingWe can deliver any of our award-winning programs to your team on-site, customized to fit your business, your schedule, and your budget.

Whether you want to get more profit from each tFrom a forty-five minute keynote to a three-day boot camp, ransaction, handle objections more effectively, sell at prices higher than the competition, build confidence, or improve their organization and time management skills, every guerrilla program is built and delivered¬† to achieve your training goals. It’s not uncommon for salespeople to double or even triple their performance as a result.

Select content from any of our best-selling books, including: Guerrilla Marketing, Guerrilla Selling, Guerrilla Trade Show Selling, Guerrilla TeleSelling, Guerrilla Negotiating, and Guerrilla Retailing.

We deploy an arsenal of pre-seminar research methods, including interviews with your key people, mystery shopping your office, reviewing company and industry literature, even spying on your competitors. By the time we present the seminar, we’ll have an insider’s view of your business.

We edit the presentation and seminar workbook to be language-consistent and industry-specific. We analyze your products’ value proposition, find your sweet-spot in the market, and develop specific tactics that your people will want to use right now to gain a competitive edge.

Consider this: at the end of a two-day program in Dallas recently, the CEO took the speaker aside to say, “I’ve had six people this weekend ask me how long you’ve been a Vice President, and why they haven’t heard your name before.”

As experts in adult learning, we help you create an ideal learning environment for your team, and stage an entertaining, content-rich, and highly motivating program.

And the best part is, all of this research and customization is included in the fee.

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