RETROactive Marketing for Guerrillas

Get New Business by Getting Personal
At The Guerrilla Group, we have to practice what we teach: low-cost and no-cost marketing tactics that work. And what works BEST is getting personal.plane ticket

This morning, I volunteered to fly to Houston for a meeting. We’ve done a lot of work for this company, and we have a full-day seminar scheduled on for a group of their customers. Instead of e-mailing the PowerPoint and trying to plan the session over the phone, I’m going to spend a day with the owner analyzing what their retailers REALLY need in order to be competitive in this market. I’m suggesting that we cut the planned full-day seminar to only two hours, and instead, follow it up with a continuity program that includes e-seminars, a long-term guerrilla action plan, coaching of individual stores, and accountability for results.

Take advantage of the knowledge-base that your clients already have. They can help you develop the next generation of your content.

This afternoon I spent an hour collaborating with a fellow speaker in Australia, using Skype, the no-cost VOIP service ( I’m helping her re-write the copy for her website, and she’s helping me prep for an upcoming assignment in Dubai.

Reach out to your colleagues and ask for help. There is always something that you can do to reciprocate. The international markets are hot right now. Get on the phone, and REALLY reach out and touch someone.

This evening, I got a call from an old college roommate who took a new job. He wants to contract me for a few hours to edit a couple of technical whitepapers. In lieu of the $75/hour he suggested, I asked him to go through his rolodex and introduce me to other hi-tech firms (one of our strongest niches) who need guerrilla sales training. I can earn more in an hour on the platform than I can in 100 hours of copywriting. He was delighted with the suggestion.

It’s time to work the Friends and Family plan. Ask everyone you know, and especially those closest to you, to help you find new opportunities.

Proactive marketing is fine, but RETROactive marketing, that is, reaching back into your files of past clients, prospects and contacts, is the best way to get your business back on the rails and moving forward.

Orvel Ray Wilson, CSP
Author of Guerrilla Selling

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