Guerrilla Negotiating Audio Course

Six-hour audio book in 12 MP3s, read by the authors.

Guerrilla Negotiating eBook

You are not paranoid. They really are out to get you.  Here is a partial list of the most important strategies and tactics included in this revolutionary audio program.  Ask yourself – how many times could these tactics have protected you from being taken?

“To gain 1,000 ideas all at once and gain all the advantages, read this brilliant, illuminating book.” -Mark Victor Hansen, coauthor, Chicken Soup for the Soul

“The ‘Guerrilla’ approach to business and life has become a classic. I’ve learned from the entire series . . . but this one is the best! ‘Negotiating’ gives you the specifics for gaining a fair advantage. I love it.”-Jim Cathcart, author, The Acorn Principle.

“The Guerrilla Group has done it again. Sit down at the feet of the masters and learn how to negotiate right. And while you’re at it, pray that your competition doesn’t read this book.” – Guy Kawasaki, author, Rich Dad, Poor Dad


What do we mean by “Guerrilla”

  • Ignorance is Expensive
  • Nine situations when you shouldn’t negotiate
  • How to create a fair advantage in an unfair world
  • Control the situation so you always win
  • Eleven styles of negotiating – when to use them and how to counter them

Negotiating Weapons

  • 89 negotiating weapons and how to deploy them
  • The magical quality of cash and how to use it to gain an advantage
  • Create a competing offer to support your position
  • The trap of being “fair”, and how to avoid getting caught in it
  • Why it’s important to conduct your negotiation on neutral territory and 17 places where you can meet

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Negotiation Dirty Tricks

  • Why your counterpart may not have your best interests at heart, even if they are on your side
  • Classic negotiation tricks and traps – you’ll recognize them right away and use the appropriate counter measures to avoid being taken
  • What to do when they ask you to cut your price, without giving away the store and blowing the deal
  • How to deal with irrational requests
  • The single most common negotiating trap and why it seems so natural to fall into it
  • How to win a disagreeable situation
  • What if they really don’t want to settle?
  • How to break a deadlocked negotiation without giving in
  • How to negotiate “non-negotiable” terms and conditions
  • Listen for these sneaky trap questions and seven ways to side-step them when they are asked of you
  • How to negotiate with an angry customer so that they are even more likely to do business with you in the future
  • 11 ways to say “no” and make it stick

Guerrilla Negotiating Tactics

  • How your style of negotiating will be influenced by the age of your counterpart
  • Four demographic groups which have very different values and why they require very different styles of negotiating
  • Five guerrilla strategies that fortify your position
  • Tactics that will help you gain an advantage when negotiating on your own turf
  • Tactics you can use that will neutralize the disadvantage you face when you’re negotiating on their turf
  • Seven people who may play a role in the outcome (some of them are standing on the sidelines!)
  • 22 ways that you can collect insider information

Guerrilla Tactics for Negotiating Price

  • What your counterpart wants you to believe about price
  • Why most salespeople will volunteer to cut the price without being asked
  • What your counterpart really wants (and it’s not what they’re telling you!)
  • Three ways to avoid price buyers
  • There are times when you should discount
  • How to sell your product at prices higher than the competition
  • A simple way to get your customer to buy more, at higher prices, and maintain your margins
  • 16 things other than price that make up their budget
  • 22 reasons why people are willing to pay more

Making the Deal

  • 37 questions that work like magic
  • Five basic needs all people share – accommodate them and you may gain an immediate advantage
  • Seven ways to manage pressure and stress
  • 12 ways you can prove your point irrefutably
  • 10 ways to make your presentation irresistible
  • How to keep the deal from becoming unraveled after the negotiation
  • A six-step way to say “thanks” that will win them over every time

On-Site Guerrilla Training Guarantees Results

Now you can bring Guerrilla Negotiating into your next sales meeting, conference or convention, and turn your sales team into a formidable, fast-moving strike force.  From a standing-ovation keynote to a multi-day intensive, THE GUERRILLA GROUP can customize a program to fit your industry, your schedule and your budget.  Call 1-800-247-9145 for details.  Visit us at

Orvel Ray Wilson, CSP is a co-author of the legendary Guerrilla Marketing series, which now spans 47 titles and 22 million books in print in 67 languages. He has been a full-time professional speaker since 1980, and built a multi-million dollar seminar and consulting business. Unconventional, engaging and funny, he has addressed audiences large and small in more than 1,000 cities, 44 countries on every continent except Antarctica. He was voted one of the world’s TOP 5 SALES SPEAKERS for 2010, 2011 and 2012 in an international Internet poll.

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