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Guerrilla Selling – Presented by the Author

Guerrilla Selling LIVE! audio albumWhat “Guerrilla Selling – Live!” Will Do For You
Here is partial list of the most important strategies and tactics included in this one-of-a-kind program. Take a close look. Ask yourself – how many of these could make a big difference for you?

4 hour-long MP3 audio files plus PDF workbook.  $89.00

  • The one characteristic of people who sell more than everybody else
  • The three resources you can use to “outflank” your competition
  • The two “secret weapons” Guerrillas use to get the competitive edge
  • Four ways to use the concept of leverage (more results for less effort) to sell smarter
  • The one piece of equipment The Wall Street Journal says will increase your productivity by 25%
  • The 10 Characteristics of Sales Guerrillas
  • Exactly how to get 95% of your customers who have complaints to do business with you again and again
  • The single most important thing for new sales people to learn (it’s not features and benefits)

Presentation, Objection, Commitment

  • How to NaB and CaPTuRe new customers
  • “Go-with-the-flow” selling – how to take the path of least resistance by following the natural psychological steps customers take when they buy
  • How to stop losing money whenever a prospect says, “The price is too high!”
  • The five Guerrilla steps for handling an objection
  • How to use objections to close sales for you
  • Four communication styles you’ve never heard of before – and how you can use them as a shortcut to the sale

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Prospecting, Transaction, Reward

  • Eight types of closes, including two that will greatly increase the profit of every sale you use them on
  • The five steps to finding prospects, Guerrilla style
  • The “incomplete order” – the ultimate Guerrilla Tactic for getting valuable information
  • The four qualities a prospect must have to be worth spending time with
  • How to increase your closing ratio on cold calls by 300% – just by making this simple change
  • Guerrilla Strategies to Close More Sales. Real success stories from top selling professionals

The Mind Map – Powerful Sales Psychology

  • The “magic question” that will dramatically increase your rate of referrals!
  • The three most crucial times to follow-up after a sale
  • Communicate the proper message through your handshake
  • How a quick read on a customer’s dominant psychological mode lets you “zero in” on the shortest route to a sale!
  • Learn about the many mental premises that your prospect may be experiencing
  • The one way to warm up analytical prospects who automatically distrust sales people
  • What to do if you’re great at developing relationships but slow to close business
  • One sales strategy that makes doing business with certain prospects so compelling it actually preempts objections

Plus Much More – including

  • 37 “Magic Selling Questions”
  • 43 key resources identified to supplement your library
  • Resource list of “10 High-Tech Weapons to Make You Invincible” – the best technologies and vendors for sales-support and profit-boosting equipment

On-Site Guerrilla Training Guarantees Results!

Now you can bring Guerrilla Selling – Live! into your next sales meeting, conference, or convention, and turn your team into a formidable, fast-moving task force. From a standing-ovation keynote, to a multi-day boot-camp, we can customize a program to fit your industry, your schedule, and your budget. We guarantee that your team will increase sales by at least 10% or we’ll refund your entire On-site.

Orvel Ray Wilson, CSP is a co-author of the legendary Guerrilla Marketing series, which now spans 47 titles and 22 million books in print in 67 languages. He has been a full-time professional speaker since 1980, and built a multi-million dollar seminar and consulting business. Unconventional, engaging and funny, he has addressed audiences large and small in more than 1,000 cities, 44 countries on every continent except Antarctica. He was voted one of the world’s TOP 5 SALES SPEAKERS for 2010, 2011 and 2012 in an international Internet poll.

Guerrilla Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with this purchase for ANY reason, call us at 800-247-9145, and we will cheerfully refund all of your money, no questions asked.