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New Guerrilla Book Shows Retailers How to Beat the Boxes

How does hometown McGuckin Hardware hammer the Home Depot down the road? How did the two-store Tattered Cover Bookstore become the model for Barnes and Noble nationwide? Why do businessmen and diplomats fly all the way to Bangkok to have their suits made by a particular tailor? These retailers have cracked the code to success.

Guerrilla Retailing is the newest book from the authors of the legendary Guerrilla Marketing series. Jay Conrad Levinson, Elly Valas and Orvel Ray Wilson show retailers large and small how to deploy unconventional marketing and sales tactics that are simple, inexpensive, and devastatingly effective. “Guerrillas” deploy time, energy and imagination to build customer loyalty in a crowded retail landscape. Readers will learn how to whomp on Wal-Mart, beat back Best Buy and wreak havoc with Home Depot.

The authors profile successful guerrilla retailers all over the world – from an appliance store in Anchorage to a bowling center in Dallas. And, as different as these stores may seem, they exhibit the same winning retailing characteristics, each detailed in this must-read book.

Guerrilla Retailing is the first book to apply guerrilla sales and marketing tactics to the unique, high-pressure environment of retailing. It is jam packed with insider secrets on how to successfully attract, serve and sell customers, and keep them coming back.

Guerrilla Retailing is for people who insist on results. It shows the reader a step-by-step approach that will multiply their sales many times over. Guerrilla Retailing shows you proven secrets for attracting and training the best salespeople; running effective low-cost promotions that attract customers; up-selling and cross-selling to increase revenues and profits; maintaining margins in the face of cut-throat competition, and building a constituency of loyal, satisfied customers that keep coming back.

Guerrilla Retailing includes dozens of real-world examples that give the reader practical advice that they can use right away. Readers learn:

· How a guerrilla retailer differs from a typical retail store.

· The 10 most common mistakes made in Retailing.

· How to recruit, train and compensate the best salespeople.

· Ten common merchandising myths and how to correct them.

· The number one reason a customer patronizes a particular retailer, (it’s not price).

· Why the price-buster stores are in deep trouble, and how to beat them at their own game.

· Seven ways to influence people.