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with Award-Winning Author, Speaker and Coach, Orvel Ray Wilson, CSP, CEC

Orvel Ray Wilson
Orvel Ray Wilson, CSP, CEC

Build Your Business - Become a Thought Leader

Attract more clients, at higher fees, and grow your practice.  Positioning yourself as THE go-to authority in your field attracts more sophisticated clients, for more complex engagements, at higher fees.  Leverage your expertise through advanced writing, publishing, and speaking skills and become a magnet for new business. Build an audience of trusting followers who  engage you for speaking, training, or for your professional advice.

Work on these three critical areas simultaneously:


Authorship = Authority. That book inside you is going to have to come out.  Increase your fees. Create your new keynote, seminar,  workshop or online course. 


Advanced acting and stortelling skills bring your message to life.  Learn the secrets of standing-ovation speakers and Hollywood's brightest stars.


Get booked and stay booked. Being great on stage is the first step.  Being on YouTube, LinkedIn and social media gets you recognized as a Thought Leader.

Kevin McCarthy

"I hired Orvel Ray to help develop new material for a keynote and book. Within three weeks I had my first paid keynote booked and fully paid. Within eight weeks, I received $21,000 in prepaid speaking fees.  Business I would not have had without his help!"

Kevin McCarthy, CSP  Keynote Speaker and Author of Blind Spots, ‭(503) 427-9195‬



Helping you discover, develop, and deliver your unique message to the world.

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