Kevin McCarthy

"I hired Orvel Ray to help develop new material for a keynote and book. Within three weeks I had my first paid keynote booked and fully paid. Within eight weeks, I received $21,000 in prepaid speaking fees.  Business I would not have had without his help!"

Kevin McCarthy, CSP  Keynote Speaker and Author of Blind Spots, ‭(503) 427-9195‬



The Findability Formula book cover

“Orvel Ray has been the single biggest influence in my speaking career. He is an amazing coach and mentor and has made an easy six-figure difference in my speaking business. I will be forever grateful.” -- Heather Lutze, Internet Marketing Speaker, author of The Findability Formula, Thumbonomics, and Marketing Espionage. ‭(303) 841-3111‬

Heather Lutze head shot
Heather Lutze, CSP
The Compassionate Geek

“Orvel Ray is the perfect coach for speakers because he knows the business. In eight weeks of working together, he’s gotten me re-focused, we’ve redone two websites, worked on a new book proposal, and my revenue is up during a pandemic. It doesn’t get any better than this!” -- Don Crawley, IT Customer Service expert, author of The Compassionate Geek. ‭‭(206) 852-4349‬‬

Don Crawley, CSP
Don Crawley, CSP
Turn Your Ideas Into Gold book cover

"In the 3 years I've been working with Orvel Ray, I've written a book, become a top-rated Vistage speaker, and added $1m  to my law practice."  -- Bill Honaker, the IPGuy 248-318-7015‬

Bill Honaker
Bill Honaker
Wordfood book

"Orvel Ray is a coach's coach.  I hired him in 2010 and we collaborated to produce a triple-award-winning book, and reinvent myself as a speaker and travel writer. After a decade of working together, I still rely on his support and advice."  -- Julia Hubbel, Walkabout Saga 303-903-4815

Julia Hubbel
Julia Hubbel

Helping you discover, develop, and deliver your unique message to the world.

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