Private coaching is like having a personal success guide:

  • Identify your unique, powerful message
  • Polish your platform skills
  • Identify and reach out to your ideal clients
  • Execute the most effective marketing plan
  • Propose, write, and publish your next book
  • Convert free speeches into profit
  • Connect with agents, editors and publishers
  • Create powerful Guerrilla Marketing materials that get you booked
  • Raise your fees while increasing bookings
  • Become a respected authority in your field
  • Develop new products
  • Build an online presence for passive income
  • Meet the nation’s leading speakers bureaus
  • Turn a single presentation into multiple engagements
  • Earn additional income through writing, consulting, and coaching

Unique in the speaker coaching space, I can also help you with:

  • Acting and storytelling techniques used by Hollywood’s brightest stars
  • Guerrilla Marketing tactics, so you get booked and stay booked
  • Writing and Editing skills, get your first, or next, book written and published
  • PowerPoint, Keynote and Prezi skills, to build slide decks that amplify your message
  • Follow you on site, come and watch, shoot video, and provide analysis
  • A keen eye for all the details that affect the Audience Experience
  • Access to my global community of agents, publishers, and contacts
  • Maintaining life balance between the work, and all the rest

In record time, you'll accomplish:

  • Review your content to punch up titles and program descriptions
  • Review your current branding to insert marketing language that sells
  • Identify new potential markets for your programs
  • Develop alternate formats for your content
  • Develop your unique niche
  • Write a Value Proposition and Capabilities Story that clearly states your value
  • Review and edit all of your marketing collateral to make it more persuasive, including websites, one-sheets, brochures, and anything else that represents you
  • Isolate the top 20 keywords that get you found on Google
  • Review and adjust the design of your programs, visual aids, PowerPoint slides, handouts and workbooks
  • Analyze the market to make sure your fees are in line with your positioning
  • Optimize your fee structure
  • Develop a prospecting and sales strategy that puts you in front of the right clients
  • Watch you present live whenever possible
  • Videotape as many live presentations as possible
  • Analyze your “game-tape” videos to polish your presentation skills
  • Introduce you to appropriate bureau partners, with a personal recommendation
  • Show you how to sell big-dollar coaching and consulting services from the stage
  • Help you create products: writing a book proposal that gets you published, scripting and recording an audio book, or cutting together a killer demo video
  • Use  social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube to position you as THE go-to expert in your field

How it Works

Commit to a year of focused, intensive effort. Many clients continue for years.  Your progress will be determined by your ambition and your effort. Each week, you will have a private 90-minute (sometimes more) consultation on ZOOM, at my studio, or over the phone, as well as unlimited contact by e-mail, and call-any-time 911 privileges.  Write, edit, and rehearse your speech with a certified master, while developing a marketing plan and calendar to get booked and stay booked. Work on any aspect of your business you wish.

Helping you discover, develop, and deliver your unique message to the world.

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