Write a book that sells you!

Authors struggle to sell their books.  I'll show you how to write a book that sells YOU.  Being an author makes you an authority.  It commands attention, respect, and higher fees.

Having a book gives you a level of credibility, regardless of education or experience.

I've helped dozens of authors create award-winning books that gain attention and build an audience.

We'll follow "The Best-Seller Blueprint" to outline, write content and create the cover.  We'll bypass traditional publishing houses to create a high-margin book that you can include with every program.

Re-purpose your book into articles, blogs and social media postings that get attention, and get you found by Google.


Few things are more frustrating that staring at a blank page.  A collaborator can stimulate your creativity, develop new ideas, and keep you on track.

Book signing

  • Identify your most powerful message
  • Use "The Best-Selling Blueprint" to create a book that sells you.
  • Propose, write, edit and polish your manuscript
  • Collect blurbs and reviews
  • Get introduced to agents, editors and publishers
  • Use Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon) to bypass the traditional publishing rat race

Being a published author can double your fees!


Heather at the keyboard
Heather Lutze, CSP leading a Findability Lab

  • Analyze your content to punch up titles and program descriptions
  • Review your current branding to insert marketing language that sells
  • Identify new potential markets for your programs
  • Develop alternate formats for your content
  • Introduce you to bureau partners, with a personal recommendation
  • Show you how to sell big-dollar coaching and consulting services from the stage
  • Help you create products:  scripting and recording an audio book, or cutting together a killer demo video
  • Coaching on the use of social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube to position you as THE go-to expert in your field


Julia Hubble in the studio
Julia Hubble recording her audio book

  • Become a respected authority in your field
  • Narrate your own audio book
  • Build an online presence that makes money while you sleep
  • Get promoted by the nation’s leading speakers bureaus
  • Turn a single presentation into multiple engagements
  • Earn additional income through writing, consulting and coaching
  • Earn passive income through online-learning courses and seminars.

Make your dream of authorship a reality

Schedule a complimentary consultation to talk about your next book.

The Findability Formula book cover

The Findability Formula

by Heather Lutze

Over a weekend, we wrote a proposal and successfully sold Heather's first book to John Wiley & Sons. Heather went on to become an international speaker on Search Marketing

The Findability Formula book cover


by Heather Lutze

Already a successful speaker and seminar leader, her second book in the Findability series looked at the world of mobile marketing, and opened up a new, exploding market.

Marketing Espionage

by Heather Lutze

Her third book in the Findability series, Heather is now Dean of Findability University, and an in-demand international speaker and thought leader on Internet Marketing.

Blind Spots book cover

Blind Spots

by Kevin McCarthy

Keven spent 33 months in Federal Prison for a crime he didn't knowingly commit.

He asked, "Is there some way to turn this into a speaking career?"  We turned his experience into a book, the book into a hit seminar.

Blind Spots book cover


After 20 years in Supplier Diversity, Julia's new book was a pivot into a new, rapidly expanding market.  WordFood is the diet of language that nurtures ourselves and others every day.  A triple-award-winning book.

Helping you discover, develop, and deliver your unique message to the world.

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