The Guerrilla Selling Seminar

Full-day training.  Arm your sales force with unconventional weapons and tactics that are simple, honest, and devastatingly effective. Learn why companies like IBM, Marriott, Southwest Airlines and Apple have hired Orvel Ray to train their salespeople. Full-day seminar, delivered on-site, and customized to fit your business and your schedule.More

Guerrilla Selling
7 Strategies to Double Your Business

Keynote to 90 minutes.  Convenient, Excitement, and Commitment are among the 7 characteristics that set guerrillas apart. Deploy these strategies and blow the competition away. Our most popular keynote.More

Guerrilla Selling
How to Sell More at Higher Prices

Keynote to 90 minutes. If you cut your price by 10% you have to DOUBLE your unit sales just to break even! What do you say when they ask you to cut your price? What if they really can get it cheaper? This program will show salespeople how to make customer price objections disappear. Drive your competition out of business while selling at HIGHER prices. Includes 25 ways to get your customers to pay more, and much, much more!More

What's NEW in Guerrilla Marketing

Keynote to 90 minutesWant to get your people thinking "out-of-the-box"? This entertaining keynote showcases the world's most creative examples of Guerrilla Marketing. Learn how Nissan, Apple, CocaCola, and dozens of other businesses are creating buzz and excitement, building sales and increasing profits, with LOTS of creativity and very LITTLE money. More

Guerrilla Marketing with
Social Media

Everything you need to know about how to deploy social media platforms in your marketing. Learn how YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google can supercharge your business, at little or no cost. 3 hour break-out session or half-day training.More

The Guerrilla Marketing Seminar
100 Low-cost Marketing Weapons

How can a small business combat the corporate superpowers? By fighting back with this guerrilla arsenal of 100 marketing weapons, and 50 of them will cost you nothing. Half-day or one-day seminar. Based on the best-selling book. Orvel Ray is a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach.More

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